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About Us

In 1994, Southwest Belmont became an independent, non-profit organization, Southwest Belmont Community Association (SWBCA). During this time, Anne Marquess Garrott, who has been affiliated with the organization for more than fifty years, served as a full time, but unpaid Branch Administrator. Since the 1960s, she has been the driving force to sustain the organization and the building. The association’s core programs included: leadership development for women and youth to learn and grow, after school and summer camps for youth; after school and summer camps for youth; and cultural arts built on the Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame which recognizes outstanding Black women from this community.

Board of Directors

Anne M. Garrott – President Emerita

Linda B. Watson, Chairman/President

Charmayne Purnell, Vice Chairman

Mary E. Ammon, Financial Secretary

Francine E. Cheeks, Recording Secretary

Carol B. Rice, Treasurer

Patricia Russell, Parliamentarian

Angela J. Davis

Jeanette S. Gillison